Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Cash for Kids?

Cash for Kids are the official charity of Bauer Media. Bauer Media is an international media company who run market leading radio stations and magazines.

Who are Bauer Media?

Bauer Media operate market leading radio and magazine brands in the UK and worldwide. Cash for Kids is their charity in the UK. Bauer Media UK reaches over 25 million UK consumers through a portfolio of world-class, multi-platform media and entertainment brands including heat, Kiss, Grazia, Empire, TV Choice, Take a Break, Bella, Magic Radio and Absolute Radio. It creates and curates entertaining media content that audiences love whenever, wherever and however they want through a multi- channel strategy and a focus on product excellence and audience insight. The result is an exciting array of influential brands, content and talent which provide compelling and engaging advertising opportunities with valuable audiences for UK commercial partners. Bauer Media UK is part of the Bauer Media Group, one of the world’s largest privately owned media businesses with media assets all over the globe. Find out more at

How is Cash for Kids governed?

Cash for Kids is made up of three entities: England and Northern Ireland, East Scotland and West Scotland (Radio Clyde’s Cash for Kids).

We have a Chair and Board of Trustees for each entity. The Trustees are a mixture of Bauer employees and independent external Trustees.

All governance is ultimately the responsibility of the Trustees.

In England and Northern Ireland we are members of the Fundraising Regulator and the Charity Commission. OSCR is our regulator in Scotland.

In addition we have annual audits carried out by three external auditors to ensure all income and expenditure is managed as expected.

What are your Charity Registration details?

Bauer Radio’s Cash for Kids registered charity;

  • England and Northern Ireland: 1122062
  • East Scotland: SC041421
  • West Scotland (Radio Clyde’s Cash for Kids): SC003334

What do Cash for Kids do?

Cash for Kids are a grant making charity helping the children who need it most across the UK. We support disadvantaged children and young people up to and including 18 years old. We fundraise all year round and distribute grants at least twice a year.

How many children have Cash for Kids helped?

To find out how many children we helped last year visit

How do Cash for Kids fundraise?

Cash for Kids are raising funds all year in a variety of ways. We have a calendar of events including lunches, dinners and golf days. We also have two major fundraisers annually: Cash for Kids Day and Mission Christmas. In addition Cash for Kids are supported by a number of schools, nurseries and workplaces who fundraise on our behalf. We also benefit from corporate donations throughout the year.

How do I fundraise for Cash for Kids?

There are so many ways you can fundraise for Cash for Kids, for a Fundraising Pack full of ideas please visit and choose your local branch to visit their website.

How do I donate to Cash for Kids?

There are a number of ways to make a donation;

  • Text Donate – visit for text codes and terms and conditions.
  • Bank Transfer – contact your local team to receive the relevant bank details (contact details available from
  • Online Donation – we have an online platform for donations called GivingisEasy. Please visit and click through to your local branch to donate securely online. We accept credit / debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay.
  • Cash and Cheques – contact your local team using the details at for information about your local Cash for Kids, how to donate cash and where to post a cheque, or send your cheque to: Cash for Kids, Hampdon House, Preston Farm Industrial Estate, Stockton, TS18 3TS.

In all instances, please provide your contact details and an outline of your donation so that we can say thank you!

What is GivingisEasy?

GivingisEasy is a secure donation and granting platform built for and managed by Cash for Kids.

How can my company support Cash for Kids?

There are many ways you can support us;

  • Volunteering
  • Fundraising events with staff and customers e.g. Bake Sales, Award Evenings or Golf Days
  • Product or service donation
  • Corporate donation
  • Payroll giving
  • Charity of the Year
  • Match funding
  • Recycling unit on your site
  • Sponsorship of our events

Please get in touch at to talk to one of the team.

Can I leave a Legacy donation in my will?

Legacy donations make a huge impact on the work we do. When planning your will, you could consider leaving a donation to Cash for Kids to support disadvantaged children. Please discuss this with your solicitor when making your will.

How much of my donation will directly help disadvantaged children?

We’re proud to make a commitment to our supporters to deliver a minimum contribution of 80p from every £1 donated.

What is Gift Aid?

Adding Gift Aid to your donation means charities and community amateur sports clubs (CASCs) can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give - and it won’t cost you anything extra. If you’re a UK taxpayer you should be eligible for Gift Aid. You must have paid the same amount or more in Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax in that tax year as the total amount of Gift Aid on all your donations and make a Gift Aid declaration.


How can the charity claim Gift Aid on my donation?

Please visit

When using sponsorship forms please make sure we have the person’s full name, address and post code for us to be able to claim.

At Cash for Kids events, please notify the fundraising team that you are eligible for Gift Aid / complete a Gift Aid form.

If donating online, provided you are an eligible UK taxpayer, tick the gift aid box and we will do the rest.

You can also give permission for Gift Aid to be claimed on a text donation, please follow the instructions on the donation bounce back message.

I’ve searched for your charity number and it comes up as “Bauer Radio’s Cash for Kids Charities” – does that mean my donations/fundraising could be spent anywhere in the country?

Cash for Kids grant nationally and locally (details of local granting areas can be found at In these locations funds raised are distributed within the local area.

National grants are issued from funds raised by Hits Radio, Greatest Hits Radio, Magic Radio, Absolute Radio and our magazine titles.

How local is this charity?

Cash for Kids is a national charity with 23 regional hubs. In these areas we have a team based locally. To find your local team visit

I have been fundraising, where can I send my cheque?

Visit to find your local Cash for Kids or send your cheque to: Cash for Kids, Hampdon House, Preston Farm Industrial Estate, Stockton, TS18 3TS. Please ensure you include your contact details and an outline of your activity so that we can say thank you!

What events do you have coming up?

Visit and look for the nearest Cash for Kids to you. Each local Cash for Kids team will have a range of events planned in your area.

Can I run the London Marathon for Cash for Kids?

Yes, if you are successful in the ballot we would love you to support our charity. Please visit to find your local Cash for Kids branch.

Can I hold an event in aid of Cash for Kids? How will you help me? Can you supply a presenter/artist appearance?

Yes you can; the support we will be able to give you will very much depend on the event. We do not have access to presenters and artists for fundraising events that are not hosted in partnership with the radio station; these events are limited in number and require significant funds to be raised. Contact the Cash for Kids in your area via or email our central team at

Can Cash for Kids give me a raffle prize for my event?

We would encourage you to work with local businesses to support your event, unfortunately Cash for Kids do not hold stocks of raffle prizes. Your local team can provide you with a fundraiser confirmation letter that you can use to source prizes.

I own a business, can I donate items instead of cash?

Yes you can, our regulators will allow us to claim the value of the item as Gift in Kind as long as it is something we would purchase for example a pallet of toys for Mission Christmas or pantomime tickets for disadvantaged children.

We need items for auctions and raffles regularly, we can only accept items that are new.

If our company gives a donation will we get on-air publicity?

Cash for Kids receives support from the radio stations in many ways but we cannot commit that you will get on-air publicity.

My organisation would like to fundraise on behalf of Cash for Kids, can you send me some posters/advertising material we can use?

Before you start fundraising we ask that you register your support. Please contact our team using the details at We can then send you relevant fundraising materials for your local Cash for Kids.

I am fundraising on behalf of Cash for Kids, can I use your logo on my website?

Before you start fundraising we ask that you register your support. Please contact our team using the details at for more information about using our logo.


Who can apply for help?

Anyone can apply on behalf of a child (up to the age of 18) who lives in the UK. The child must be disadvantaged, sick or need additional support. Please visit and click through to your local site to see our Eligibility Criteria, available at the top of the grant application form.

Which areas are grants distributed to?

We grant across the UK, please see our Eligibility Criteria available at the top of the grant application form for full details.

What do Cash for Kids not fund?

Please visit and click through to your local site to see our Eligibility Criteria, available at the top of the grant application form.

How do I apply?

Applications are made online through our websites. Each application must be accompanied by supporting documents either from a medical professional, Teacher or Social Worker; along with charity accounts where applicable.

Who decides which grants are successful?

The initial grant application will need to fulfil our Eligibility Criteria. Each grant application is then viewed by an Executive Board who make the decisions on who will and will not receive funding.

When do the grant rounds open for applications?

The grant rounds will be open a minimum of twice a year. Emergency grants will be considered at any time. Please visit and click through to contact your local site for dates.

Do Cash for Kids grant to individuals?

Yes we do.

Do Cash for Kids grant to groups?

Yes we do.

Do Cash for Kids grant to charities?

Yes we do.

Can I apply more than once?

Yes you can (subject to the terms of grant being fulfilled).

How do you know the grant is used for the purpose it is given?

In many cases we will purchase the items requested. If we do grant a cash amount this will be monitored by the professionals who have supported the application. Receipts will be collected as proof.

Where we have funded a group or charity we have an evaluation process which they must complete or they will not be eligible in the future for a grant. Our staff, Local Executive Board members and Trustees also visit projects regularly.

What’s the maximum Cash for Kids will grant?

The amount granted will be subject to the number of applications we have received for a given grant round and the funds we have available. The elements the Local Executive Board will take into account will include;

  • How much the grant is for.
  • Has the applicant raised any funds themselves.
  • How many children will benefit from the grant and what will the impact of the grant be.

Do you have to be a registered charity to apply for a grant?

Cash for Kids accepts applications from individuals, groups and registered charities.

Do you accept second-hand clothes?

Yes we do, across the UK we have partnerships with clothing recycling companies. The collection units are based in various locations. To find out where your nearest one is please contact your local Cash for Kids via

Do you accept nearly new toys at Christmas?

We only accept new and unwrapped gifts at Christmas.

What age range do you support?

We accept applications on behalf of children and young people from birth to eighteen years old.

I don’t live near a Cash for Kids site, can I still apply for a grant?

Yes, Cash for Kids operates across the UK.

What items can I apply for?

You can apply for anything that will help a child who is disadvantaged, disabled or needing additional support. Please visit and click through to your local site to see our granting criteria.

Can I apply for an iPad/laptop?

We do grant to supply tablets and laptops where there is supporting evidence of need. We will purchase the items as we have partner suppliers who offer us the best prices.

Am I expected to be able to contribute any money towards buying items I need?

There is no expectation that you will contribute, the Local Executive Boards look favourably on applications where people have fundraised already but it is not essential to be successful.

Can I apply for a grant and include more than one child?

Yes, so long as all the children included on the application fulfil our criteria of being disadvantaged, disabled or in need of additional support.

Can I apply for a grant for a family day out if my other children haven’t got disabilities?

Yes you can.

If a group/organisation applies for a grant, can I send a quote from a preferred supplier?

Our applications require two quotes to proceed (which may include a quote from a preferred supplier).

Can I apply for a grant to fund family respite to include siblings?

Yes you can. We do not fund holidays abroad.

Can I apply for my expenses to be covered for trips to hospital appointments, etc.?

In exceptional circumstances the Local Executive Board will consider funding these.

Can any school apply for a grant?

We only fund schools which can demonstrate that they have children who fulfil our Eligibility Criteria. They will need to be in areas of high deprivation, with a high level of pupils on pupil premium or children who have learning difficulties or need additional support.

We have a campaign called the Schools Challenge and you can participate in this to win cash grant prizes.

We are a charity can we apply for a grant to cover volunteer expenses?

Volunteer expenses are not included in our list of eligible expenses.

Although you don’t pay for salaries would you pay for the cost of hiring coaching / sessional staff to run activities?

Yes, but on a short-term project basis. We would not fund for a sustained period.

In a similar vein you don’t pay for rent and rates of premises, but would you fund the costs of hiring a facility (Community Centre) to run activities for young people?

Rent and rates are not eligible for funding.

I have submitted a grant application and would like to amend a few things but I do not have a password so I cannot login online. I tried to reset my login details but did not receive an e-mail with the new details.

Once you’ve submitted your application the only way to amend it is to contact us. Please visit for the contact details of your local team.

Do you fund capital project costs?

Yes we do, subject to the beneficiaries fulfilling our Eligibility Criteria (available at the top of the grant application form).

I am unable to upload supporting documentation due to the size of the document.

The maximum file size for each uploaded document is 2mb. If your documents are larger than this and you have no way to compress the files please visit and use the details provided to contact your local team.

If my application is unsuccessful, can I apply again?

Yes, you will have to submit a new application to be considered in the next round.

Do I have to agree to publicity if successful in obtaining a grant?

No this is not a requirement, however by celebrating the grants we issue we are able to encourage further donations and grant applications thereby reaching more children.

How big are your Cash for Kids teams?

We have a very lean and highly effective team, most sites have a maximum of two people to minimise our cost of fundraising.

How do I keep in touch with Cash for Kids?

Please visit and click through to your local site for links to our Social Media accounts.

Can I volunteer for Cash for Kids?

We have volunteering opportunities across the UK. Please get in touch at and we will connect you to the relevant Cash for Kids team.

Can we do work experience within Cash for Kids (school age work experience)?

Cash for Kids do not accept anyone under the age of 18 years for volunteering or work experience.

Do you take interns at Cash for Kids?

Yes we welcome people coming to us on University Placements. Please send your CV and a cover letter to

How do I make a complaint?

Follow this link to find our complaints procedure -